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Fairview Township Police Department

Severe Weather Warning

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Severe Weather Warning

The Fairview Township Police Department wants everyone to be safe during the severe weather caused by hurricane Sandy. Since severe flooding, wind damage, and extended power outages are expected, here are a few tips:

* Prepare a kit containing flashlights and extra batteries, a first aid kit, several days supply of food and drinking water, prescription medications, and water for cleaning and flushing toilets.

* If asked to evacuate an area, please do so. Due to the expected high volume of emergency calls, resources may not be immediately available to rescue you if you don’t leave immediately. Be sure to take a change of clothes, checkbook/credit cards, and identification such as your drivers license, birth certificate, and social security card. Please don’t forget your about your pets.

*If you need a place to stay due to weather related issues, the Red Cross will open emergency shelters at 3:p.m. on October 29th. The closest shelters to Fairview Township are:

- Northern High School, 653 Baltimore Street, Dillsburg

- York County School of Technology, 2179 S.Queen Street, York

- Silver Spring Presbyterian Church, 444 Silver Spring Road, Mechanicsburg

* Do not drive through standing water or drive over flooded bridges. A few inches of water is enough to disable or wash away a car. If possible, stay indoors until the emergency conditions are over so that you do not create additional issues for emergency workers.

* Know alternate routes to get to your location. Some common areas in Fairview Township that are prone to flooding and may be closed are the intersection of Lewisberry and Old York Road, the 200 and 500 block of Old York Road, and the New Market area of New Cumberland.

* Do not drive around barricades, as they are in place for a reason. If you become disabled due to driving past barricades into water, the law provides that you can be fined up to $500.00 and are responsible for all emergency response costs, such as Police, Fire, EMS, and towing expenses, which could add thousands of dollars to that cost.

* Do not approach downed power lines or remove trees that may be on them. Please call the appropriate power company for that area.

* If you have a generator, do not run it indoors or in an enclosed area as carbon monoxide fumes could build up. Also remember to have the main power switch turned off on your electrical box if your generator is hooked up to it, as it could back feed into the power lines and injure or kill utility workers working on the lines.

* As always, if you have an emergency or safety issue, please call 911. Just remember that response time may be delayed due to the increased call volume and road conditions.


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