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Harrisburg man arrested for DUI while driving a stolen car.

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Harrisburg man arrested for DUI while driving a stolen car.

On November 21, 2013 50 year old Kurt Patrick Newkam of the 100 block of State Street in Harrisburg was arrested for DUI, receiving stolen property, false identification to law enforcement and driving under suspension while his license was suspended for a previous DUI.

At approximately 3:26 am an officer with the Fairview Township Police Department initiated a traffic stop on a silver Mercedes Benz that failed to stop at a posted stop sign and failed to use a turn signal on two separate occasions.

When approached by the officer, the driver of the Mercedes initially attempted to provide the identity of the registered vehicle owner as his own.  Through investigation, the officer was able to quickly determine the driver was not who he claimed to be.  Upon further questioning, the driver eventually provided his correct name as Kurt Newkam.

While talking to Newkam, the officer was able to detect a strong odor consistent with that of an alcoholic beverage coming from Newkam’s breath.  Through his roadside investigation, the officer was able to determine that Newkam was under the influence of alcohol to a degree he was incapable of safe driving.

Officers then asked Newkam for contact information for the vehicle owner.  Newkam provided a phone number and admitted that he had stolen the car.  When police called the vehicle owner, he was was unaware that his car was missing.  He advised that Newkam had stolen the car.  He further stated that Newkam had never been allowed to drive his car because he knows Newkam does not have a valid license.  He requested that Newkam be charged for vehicle theft.

Newkam was taken into custody and transported to to the York County Booking Center for arraignment on the listed charges.  He was remanded to the York County Prison where he remains on $60,000 bail.

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