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Firearm Safety

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Firearm Safety

The Fairview Township Police Department would like to remind residents to use care and appropriate caution when engaging in recreational shooting. On April 21st, the police department was notified by a resident on Old Quaker Road, Lewisberry, that she discovered a rifle bullet and bullet hole in the second floor of her home. Due to the trajectory and minimal damage to the bullet, police believe it may have been a stray round from someone target shooting quite a distance away.

While recreational shooting can be a fun activity, police don’t want to see someone get injured or killed by a stray bullet. Whether shooting on a designated shooting range or on private property, proper safety procedures should be followed:

- Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.

- Do not shoot handguns or rifles into the air or engage in horseplay.

- Do not consume alcoholic beverages prior to or during shooting.

- Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

- Know your target, and what is beyond your target.

- All shooting should be done with a proper backstop so that no rounds leave the property.

If residents are looking for a safe place to shoot, we are fortunate to have a well equipped shooting range on Ridge Road in Fairview Township, the West Shore Sportsmans Association. To get additional gun safety information or locate other shooting ranges, please check out the National Rifle Association website or the website for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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