Friday 23rd June 2017,
Fairview Township Police Department

Lost and Found

The police department frequently has lost or mislaid property turned over to us keys- bicycles, sunglasses, etc. We hold on to most items for 30 days, and if no owner is located, it is then destroyed. Certain items, such as money and firearms, are handled differently and are held longer.

If you lost property in Fairview Township, please call us at 717-901-5267 so that we know who the owner is in case it is turned in to us. In addition, while we will attempt to keep this list up to date, it may be a few days until the list is updated or we may miss an item, so calling may get the property back to you sooner.

The police department has office staff who can take your call Monday – Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM.  If it is after those hours, you will have to call the 911 center and ask to speak to an officer. In order to turn over an item, we will need your identification and you must be able to identify the property (make, model, serial number, or identifying marks).

Current List of Found Property

Date Found:

Location Found:



Farm House Lane, (Green Lane Farms)