Tuesday 30th May 2017,
Fairview Township Police Department

Vacation Check

Fairview Township Police Department is pleased to provide the service of checking your residence while you are away on vacation.  This is not a guarantee against theft or property damage; it is merely another set of eyes to guard against the criminal element. We still recommend arranging for someone to stay at your home while away, or have trusted neighbors, family or friends also check on the property.

**NOTE** – Vacation Checks will be conducted on vacant homes only.   Department resources will not be used if you have a friend and/or relative staying at your home while you’re away.

There are a few ways to set up a vacation check at your residence:

1.  Contact the Fairview Township Police Department by phone at 717-901-5267 during regular business hours (8:00am – 4:30pm).

2.  Fill out the form below.  This form can be submitted 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

3.  Please be sure to inform the person you’ve listed as an emergency contact you will be away.

Departure Date

Date of Return

Full Name
Please enter your First and Last Name



Phone number (how to reach you while you’re away) – include area code (required)
Do not provide us with your house or land line phone number. If you will be out of the country and/or unreachable – please advise.

Mail Stopped?

Paper Stopped?

Name of Emergency Contact Person (first & last name)
While you’re away, is there someone we can contact in the event of an emergency?

Address of Emergency Contact
Include the address (including city) of the emergency contact person

Emergency Contact Phone Number
Include the phone number, including the area code.

Secondary Emergency Contact name (optional)
Please provide the name of a second person to contact in the event of an emergency.

Phone Number of Second Emergency Contact
Please provide the phone number for your emergency contact.

Secondary Emergency Contact Address
Please provide the address (including city/town) of the your secondary emergency contact person.

Will there be vehicles in the driveway?

Make, Model and Color of Vehicles in the Driveway ?
Please provide a brief description of any vehicles that will be parked in your driveway.

Are you expecting anyone to be at your home while you’re away? If yes, please explain in detail.

Is your home protected by a Security System?

Name of Security Company

Phone Number of Security Company

Prove you are a human.
Prove you are a human.